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Pride of the Dynasty

60% Extra value

  • 8 Sautekh booster packs
  • 'Pride of the Dynasty' Title

Limited to 1 per account

Canoptek Scarab

100% Extra value

  • 15 Sautekh booster packs
  • 'Canoptek Scarab' Avatar

Limited to 1 per account

Erasure Directive

100% Extra value

  • 35 Sautekh booster packs
  • 'Erasure Directive' Card back

Limited to 1 per account


Black Friday special

40% Extra value

  • 2,500 Gold
  • 10 Blackstone

Limited to 3 per account

Black Friday super special

50% Extra value

  • 15,000 Gold
  • 50 Blackstone

Limited to 1 per account

Black Crusader

60% Extra value

  • 8 Black Legion booster packs
  • 'Black Crusader' Title

Limited to 1 per account

Master of Possession

100% Extra value

  • 15 Black Legion booster packs
  • 'Master of Possession' Avatar

Limited to 1 per account

Eye of Horus

100% Extra value

  • 35 Black Legion booster packs
  • 'Eye of Horus' Card back

Limited to 1 per account


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